Meenakari Silk Saree

Meenakari Silk Saree


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    What is Meenakari saree?

    Artisans from all over India skillfully weave magic using thread which when adorned will certainly make you feel like you are a part of an ethereal era. The surreal weaving is done by skilled artisans from Banaras who create magic on pure silk. Our collection of Meenakari Silk sarees are a product of love that comes in a diverse color palette to suit your preference and occasion.  Upgrade your wardrobe and your style for this wedding season.

    How Can You Style Meenakari Silk Saree? 

    Authentic Meenakari Silk Sarees are ever so sublime and carry an unmatchable sheen due to the intricate zari work done through the art of weaving. Styling this saree mostly depends on your comfort and style. But if you style it with some authentic gold jewelry like jhumkas, mang tikka, bangles, etc. 

    Types of Weaves in Meenakari Silk Banarasi Sarees 

    At Fabpersona, Meenakari Silk Banarasi sarees are made using distinctive shades of silk threads including zari in the weft resulting in multiple colored motifs. Meenakari Banarasi Silk sarees can be weaved using both the cutwork and Wadhwa technique of hand-weaving. 

    Shop Meenakari Silk Saree online 

    If you are Looking for a Meenakari silk saree then Fabpersona is the right stop for you. Find a saree according to your comfort and style where every saree is intricately crafted. Shop now