Traditional Jangla Work Saree

Traditional Jangla Work Saree

What is Jangla Banarasi Silk Saree? 

Another variety of pure Banarasi Silk is traditional Jangla work sarees which is a centuries-old craft. This craft is performed with precision on every yard of Banarasi silk in order to deliver the most elegant, subtle, and traditional saree which will help you look the most graceful version of yourself.

It is characterized by a heavy and highly intricate Jangla vegetation motif spread along the yards of the whole saree. It is not just an outfit but an experience that every woman should have once in their life and with our extensive collection, you are bound to find your perfect drape.

What Makes Jangla Saree so special?

Pure Banarasi silk saree comes in a huge variety and among those, you’ll find the Jangla work saree which got its name due to the pattern that is weaved on the pallu of the pure Banarasi silk saree. The motifs resemble the beauty of the forest elements like wildflowers and animals. 

Buy Jangla Silk Saree online 

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