Kota Doria | Must Have In Summers

Kota Doria | Must Have In Summers

We fall short in words while describing the beauty of Kota Doria fabric. This fabric is so graceful that it adds more colours to the summer wardrobe. In the starting Kota Doria was only made of two fabrics, white and beige, but with time, you can see a plethora of colours in this fabric. Cotton was used as the primary fabric, initially, however later on to make it more transparent and premium, silk is added to the weaving of Kota Doria fabric. The Kota Doria is the elegance that makes it more sumptuous during the summer. This fabric has the same strength as cotton plus the lustrous and soft texture of silk. The fine blend of cotton and silk makes this fabric light and breathable, thus making this the most favourable fabric for summer.

Kota Doria is mainly woven in Kaithoon, a small district in Kota. Here Kota Doria is woven with hands and some clusters of Kota Doria can be found in small villages like Bundi, Baran, and Kota, although Kaithoon is the major hub of Kota Doria.

The weaving tail of Kota Doria

The weaving technique used to create Kota Doria sarees is called 'khat', which involves weaving the cotton and silk fibres in a manner that creates a fine-checked pattern. This unique weaving technique gives the saree its distinctive texture and also makes it durable and easy to maintain.

Kota Doria sarees are available in a wide range of colours and designs, from simple and elegant to intricate and heavily embellished. They are often adorned with delicate embroidery, zari work, and other decorative elements, which add to their beauty and appearance. The bright vibrant colours with the fine detailing of embroidery are just the perfect choice for casual outings, visiting friends or family, or maybe shopping. You can easily carry these sarees on formal occasions also by pairing them with a variety of accessories, like oxidised jewellery, bags, bangles and ethnic footwear like mojdi. Wearing a blouse of contrasting darker colours will make a great attire.

Prints and patterns on Kota Doria Sarees

The minimal prints on the pastel shades or the whole jaal pattern on the Kota-Doria saree are something that you can not afford to miss for your summer fashion. This fabric is also a great choice to carry in the humid season. This fabric is a mix of cotton threads with other synthetic materials having intricate embroidery designs on it. The intricate designs of embroidered Kota Doria Sarees can make a great choice as gift options for those who can really appreciate traditional Indian textiles. The subtle and soothing hues of this saree with the perfect blend of fine colours with contrasting designs make them a must-have for a colourful collection of sarees.

Get the inspiring collection

The pure Kota Doria fabric is something that brings more soothing and calming energies in the hot summery season. If you are one who loves to wear sarees but likes to keep them simple and elegant then kota doria sarees are for you. These sarees are the best when you want a traditional look with itsy bitsy of casual. You can easily get these handcrafted Kota Doria sarees at affordable prices from Fabpersona. So make your own style statement with the fabulous collection of Kota Doria embroidered and printed sarees.