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    A Short Description Of Ikkat Sarees

    There are varieties of fabrics that make beautiful sarees. One of the most interesting and captivating saree fabrics is Ikat or Ikkat. It is a complex dyeing technique that uses silk or cotton materials. The finished result is a piece of cloth that has been dipped in multicolored patterns and glittering. Orissa Ikat is most commonly connected with sarees. Before the material is woven, the Ikat patterns are colored and bound into the threads. This distinguishes it from the Tie and Dye method and it was weaved like this first.

    History And Origins

    Ikkat is a practice that originated in various places of the world. Including many countries like Southeast Asia, Central Asia, South America, and West Africa. The word "Ikkat" is extracted from the word "mengikat," which describes "to tie or bind."

    According to accounts, Orissa Ikat was established back in the 12th century. It happened when artisans from Gujarat's Patan region relocated and maintained the craft. This is when the Ikkat fabric was originated.


    Ikkat sarees are in three different varieties:

    1: There is a technique that is called single Ikkat which is warp and weft threads are dyed separately.

    2: In the second method of combining Ikkat, both warp and weft yarns are utilized in various portions of the cloth.

    3: When the warp and weft thread are tied together very strongly in double ikkat so that when both the ends are open, it appears to be finished, and lovely patterns.

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