Tussar Silk Saree

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125 products

Why Tussar Silk Sarees are popular?

Adding a traditional and timeless Tussar silk saree to your wedding wardrobe is the best decision you can make. A Tussar silk saree is a dream come true for every woman whose favorite outfit is a saree for all special occasions. An exemplary saree from our catalog is bound to steal hearts and make heads turn when you dazzle your way into a room.

You can wear Tussar silk sarees on any occasion, be it a casual day out or a day in the office or special occasions like a wedding or a family get-together. They are highly comfortable and suitable for all weather conditions. 

Buy online Tussar Silk Sarees 

Tussar silk sarees are also known as Kosa Silk sarees which are authentically handwoven by master weavers of Banaras. Find a Tussar silk saree online at Fabpersona which is also known as tusser, Kosa, or raw silk, and it is weaved in the heart of Jharkhand and Bihar. The silkworms from which the Tussar silk sarees are created are found in these states. 

At Fabpersona, you’ll find Tussar Silk sarees in a huge variety of shades mostly pastels and earthy tones like beige, cream, etc.