Chikankari: A Lucknowi Embroidery Full Of Curiosities

Chikankari: A Lucknowi Embroidery Full Of Curiosities

Chikankari: A Lucknowi Embroidery Full Of Curiosities

India is a huge country known for its diverse geography, varied cultures, and local handicrafts, a multitude of regional languages, customs, and traditions. In such a colorful melting pot of cultures, Sarees are the vibrant handicrafts that represent the vivid cultures of India.

To add to this wonderful fascinating variety of saree, one such kind of love we can all agree on is the timeless appeal of Lucknowi Chikankari Sarees.

  • The Beautiful Handi-Work Of Lucknow

    The diverse city of Lucknow in India is known for its passion for culture, music, poetry, hospitality, Tehzeeb, handlooms, mouth-watering cuisine, and yes - intricate embroideries. Chikan is a term that is commonly used in Lucknow and has been passed down the generations right from epic Mughal eras’.

    Chikan is a traditional embroidery work from Lucknow. The word “Chikan” is literally translated from the word that means embroidery. It is believed that the weave had been introduced or became popular by Nur Jahan, Mughal emperor Jahangir's wife, and from that period on it has become one of Lucknow's most famous textile decoration weave.

    Traditionally, A Chikankari work was sewn with a white thread into semi-transparent muslin/ mulmul cloths. But due to the advent of newer fabrics, demands, and changes of fashion the Chikaknkari's now are also done on varieties of threads and cloth materials.

    The Chikankari is a famous artwork that employs a variety of embroidery methods to create a stunning tapestry of designs. The uniqueness of this special embroidery lies in the use of varying strands of threads upon the fine cloth.

  • Ultimate Breezy Fabrics For Summers

    As the Chikankari is done on the soft thin sheer fabrics, they become a prime candidate for comfort in the summer season.

    Adorning a Chikankari is an enchanting experience of comfort and age-old craft. A gift that is purely based on needle and thread work. It is the finest embroidery that is captivating to a large number of people whenever summer hits the walls. That is why Chikankari suits are preferable on an everyday basis, you can wear Chikankari kurtas, dupattas and even co-ordinate the statement necklace sets for the unique glam quotient.

    This Georgette Chikankari Unstitched Suit makes a perfect outfit for a lunch or dinner date, a meeting, or for a casual outing with your friends. It is bound to grab attention around and you will definitely get compliments on your Chikankari outfit without even trying.

  • The Many Stitches Of The Craft Chikankari

    Lucknowi Chikankari is mainly divided into 5-6 categories and further separated into 32 other derivatives. It includes Tepchi, Jali, Turpai, Zanzeera, Pechani, Hathkadi, Banjkali, Jora, Kapkapi, Madrazi, Bulbul, Taj Mahal, Dhania-Patti, Chanapattii, Baalda, Ghas ki Patti, Bakhiya (shadow stitch or wrong side stitch), Sidhual, Kangan Meharki, Rozan, and more.

    The beauty of these stitches and the embroidery has attracted everyone around the globe. The charm is in the white threads that create exuberant 3 D textures that count to everything lyrical. One thing we can say that the timelessness of Chikakari is never going to fade!

  • Best For Weddings and Festivities

    The Chikankari ensembles are a winning combination of ethnic and grace. Wear one and tune them up with oxidized jhumkis and kohl eyes, you are sure to look divine in this lovely appearance.

    The best part about wearing a Chikankari outfit is that it leaves a lot more space for experimentation with the accessories and jewelry. Heavy jewelry like diamond, pearls, and gold goes well with a lovely Chikakri saree. Just like this stunner Georgette Tepchi Jall Work Saree

The journey of a Chikankari craft has opened up innumerable possibilities to experiment in abundance. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this art continues to be a muse of some of the leading fashion designers in the country! This means Chikankari is bridging the gap between artisans, designers, and users with comfort and new fashion. Chikankari outfits have become a go-to fabric for nearly every pre-wedding and wedding festivities and celebration. Presenting a plethora of patterns and materials we are bringing to you. There are heavy designer Chikankari suits that will be in your bridal choice collection right away!

One of the reasons for the popularity of this Chikkari garment is the fact that it is now much easier to purchase them. And now we can get the famous Chikankari everywhere.

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