Tussar Silk Saree

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    Tussar Silk Sarees: Regal and Authentic Silk Sarees

    India’s very owned fashion: SAREE, which is a part of Indian culture for centuries. No matter if there is a celebration or a simple day out, Indian women always prefer Saree over other garbs. Among several sarees, Tussar silk sarees are among the top Saree forms, which every woman adores over celebrations or professional time. 

    Nowadays Printed Tussar sarees are snatching everyone’s attention. Their elegant designs and prints give an outstanding glance to the wearer, which makes them the person standing apart from the mob. 

    The Legacy Of Tussar Silk

    Tussar sarees are also known as Kosa Silk Sarees which are authentically handwoven by master weavers of Jharkhand. It is also known as tusser, Kosa, or raw silk, which is famous among several women in India making it a perfect garb for ultimate celebrations. 

    Adding a traditional and timeless Tussar saree to your wedding wardrobe is the best decision you can make. A printed Tussar saree is a dream come true for every woman whose favorite outfit is a saree for all special occasions. An exemplary saree from our catalog is bound to steal hearts and make heads turn when you dazzle your way into a room.

    You can wear Silk Tussar Saree on any occasion, be it a casual day out or a day in the office or special occasions like a wedding or a family get-together. They are highly comfortable and suitable for all weather conditions.

    Beautiful Memories with Silk Tussar Sarees

    Tussar Saree for women holds a different prestige among Indian Divas. It is a golden color thread that looks astonishing from different sides. It is also known as wild silk because of its origin from the emperor breeds of silk moths. These moths don’t feed on mulberry plants and use simple green leaves for their nutrition. 

    Silk Tussar Sarees are the outcome of wild silk, which gives a shiny appearance to the wearer due to its natural gold colors. If you look at a Tussar Saree design from a different angle, you will find a golden glimpse of the garb. It makes it a perfect garb for the women in India for ethnic and important celebrations. 

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