Khaddi Banarasi Silk Saree

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    What is Khaddi Banarasi saree?

    Characterized by its sheen, unique texture, and luxe appeal, Khaddi Silk Sarees can add a dash of tradition and elegance to any wardrobe. Artistically spun from pure cotton and silk, Khaddi Silk Sarees when adorned are bound to make the heads turn. Let this classic and regal piece of ethereal craftsmanship be a part of your wardrobe. From a small event to your own wedding, a khaddi silk saree can be worn at any time, on all occasions while making you look magnificent.

    Buy Khaddi Georgette & Chiffon Banarasi Silk Sarees

    If you want to buy a pure Khaddi Georgette and Chiffon Banarasi saree then Fabpersona is your destination. Every saree is weaved to perfection in the heart of Varanasi. The artistry lineage at Banaras is unbelievable. Generations after generations have practiced and excelled at the art of weaving and gave birth to divine creations in the form of the authentic Banarasi Khaddi Chiffon Silk Sarees.

    In the 14th century, during the Mughal Kingdom was the first time when the gold threads found a way with the pure, immaculate silk threads and gave birth to the Weaves of Banaras. What earlier was just created for the Royals, was laterwards also adorned by common people.

    But even today, after all these years, if you own a pure, handwoven Banarasi silk saree then it’s a matter of pride and joy. Sometimes, it takes even months to complete a single Khaddi Banarasi silk saree because of the intricate details and precision that goes into the creation of exceptional designs.

    Over the centuries, the perfect blend of artists’ creativity, passion, skill set, and hard work led to the creation of a range of Khaddi Banarasi silk sarees where the patterns formed are quite distinctive yet utterly beautiful. Shop online for Khaddi Banarasi silk sarees and infuse the essence of Banarasi Silk sarees!