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    The sheer, unique blend of cotton and silk collection of comfortable suits is everyone’s foremost choice. Kota Doria is a heritage form khat check-patterned handloom and power-loom opulent suits. The silk fabric provides the shine and cotton strengthens the fabric. Kota Doria suits are lightweight, airy, and comfortable fabric weaved with 14 cotton yarns. Pure silk mixed with cotton in a 20:80 ratio enhances the attire and resembles the chic and fashionable look.
    “Kota-Masuria” Rao voyage

    Emanates in Mysore and emigrated to Rajasthan, Kota Doria has different antiquity. During the 17th and 18th centuries, Rao Kishore Singh brought the Mysore weavers to Kota, Rajasthan, and commenced the Kota Doria. Mysore weavers were known as Masuria; therefore, the union between Kota and Mysore is named “Kota-Masuria.” Kota Doria power-loom fabric woven in Kolkata and holy place Varanasi. The handloom and power-loom Kota Doria fabric is designed in Khaithoon and southern Rajasthan like Bundi, Kota, and Baran.

    Kota Doria fascinates the world with wonderful fabric, beautiful designs, and craftsmanship. These elegant, chic, and fashionable suits are eminent and ready for cultural and everyday occasions.

    Why is Kota Doria special?

    The shimmer, soft, pure Kota Doria has strengthened the fabric using cotton and silk. The diligent craftsmanship of weaver and zari, gotta Patti, and flower embroidery enhances its opulent look. Unstitched suits with beautiful handloom embroidery and creativity led to the creation of Kota Doria. This centuries-old craft form is loved by many and it has numerous styles and fashionable collections.