Weaved To Perfection

Telling a Tale of Traditions and Elegance


    With a thought to bring the traditions and richness of Indian textiles to the distant part of India, Fabpersona came into existence. Infusing a dash of fabulousness in your closet and ultimately to your personality. Skilled artisans from the holy land of Varanasi work with pure silk thread to create intricate patterns and what comes out as a finished product is a celebration of artforms and crafts of the vivid, vibrant and diverse culture of India. From sarees to fabric for unstitched suits, Fabpersona delivers certified and high-quality product which can be treasured for generations. Whether it’s a wedding saree or a casual saree, we have maintained the trust of our clients and we promise to continue to deliver happiness to you in the form of opulent textile.

FabPersona: A brand of elegance

Dive into the richness of the Indian Crafts


    We felt that in this world of fast fashion, the deep-rooted art and craft of India are losing their charm. It also deeply saddened us to see the utterly talented and experienced artisans and weavers of India are struggling to make the ends meet. Fabpersona is our initiative to keep the various crafts of India alive. Our products are created by artisans who have perfected the art of weaving over the decades and their ancestors were also in the same profession. The silk thread we use for weaving is certified and the saree or the fabric created from it will never lose its elegance and sheen.