Chikankari: The Lavish Craft of Lucknow

Chikankari: The Lavish Craft of Lucknow

Chikankari: The Lavish Craft of Lucknow

The city of Lucknow is loved by many for the cultural and artistic diversity it offers. From the poetry to the embroidery, everything has an exceptional history engraved at every street and corner of the lavish city of Lucknow. Amidst the chaos, one can easily feel the serenity this city offers. It’s a perfect amalgamation of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

  • In Lucknow, among other things which are quite famous, there is the intricate craft of Chikankari embroidery which has found a special place in the hearts of everyone. The sublime serenity and precision of this craft are beyond beautiful. The skilled artisans transcend magic on the pure fabric through the mere set of threads and the patterns that come into being are surreal. Each and every motif, from florals to leaves, are blended together and is a sight for the sore eyes. The saying that God takes homage in details reflects in the craft of Chikankari because every detail is dream-like and makes the heart happy of the onlooker.

  • At Fabpersona, a brand that is home to the craft and craftsmanship from every corner of India also houses the charming craft of Chikankari. Every product is a labor of love and passion which reflects in the details of the ethnic ensembles. Sometimes it takes even months to bring a product to its finishing stage but one look at the apparel makes it all worth it. From our studio, we have picked up a few of our favourites to create a mood board of Chikankari embroidery which will help you select your favourites!

  • Chikankari Saree

    This saree is the epitome of elegance. From the unique yet soothing pastel lilac shade to the heavily embellished pallu of the saree with floral and leaf motif makes this pure chiffon Chikankari saree a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

  • A subtle yet serene blend of the beautiful shade of yellow and the threadwork in the shade of white makes this saree a vision to behold. Adorn this on any special occasion like your Haldi ceremony and get showered with compliments.

  • The beauty of a Chikankari saree lies in the selection of stunning shades and the grace which the embroidery lends to its wearer and this gorgeous saree in the sublime shade of blue is the perfect example of that.

    From the pallu to the beautiful shade of this saree, everything is synonymous with perfection. The pure chiffon fabric adds to the luxe feel and sheen which this saree lends to its wearer.

  • Chikankari Suit

    Add this elegant and classy unstitched Chikankari suit to your wardrobe and get it tailor-made according to your style and comfort. It is one of the most ethereal suits and it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a piece of art.

  • The charming craft of Chikankari is brought to another level with the embellishment of the mirror and pearl work on the pure chiffon fabric making this Chikankari suit a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

  • This Chikankari suit in this shade of royal red is an opulent affair that is not to be missed out on. Every detail exudes a subtle charm that will transcend you to a world of dreamy details.

  • Add this refreshing and rejuvenating shade of green Chikankari suit to your wardrobe. Adorn it to any occasion, be it formal or informal and you are sure to get showered with compliments.

Explore our collection of Chikankari sarees and suits and infuse an essence of elegance into your wardrobe!