Important Things to Consider when Buying Handloom Banarasi Saree

Important Things to Consider when Buying Handloom Banarasi Saree

Handloom fabrics hold a special prestige among other fabrics. For sarees, it is important to figure out the material from which the artisans make the attire. When you want to buy a Handloom Banarasi Saree, then getting it with the utmost quality will help you.

Today we have curated the best things to consider before buying a Banarasi outfit. These tips will help you find authentic sarees of premium quality. Before going deep into the steps, let’s understand what Banarasi is and how it is different from others.

What is Banarasi Saree?

Banarasi Saree is the saree that belongs to an ancient city Varanasi then known as Benaras. The specialty of these sarees is their gold & silver brocades of zari, appealing designs, and finest texture. Everyone associates Banarasi with silk fabric, but many other fabrics like Kora, Organza, and Cotton come in this category. Most Indian brides love the amazing outfit for their wedding ceremonies.

Things to Check Before Buying a Banarasi Fabric Saree

When it comes to buying this fascinating saree, the best choice to buy it is from Varanasi itself. The quality, texture, and feeling of buying these sarees from Varanasi is the utmost divine. But if you can’t buy it from the place, then Fabpersona’s collection is here to get you ready with ethnic elegance.

  • Fabric

    The fabric of a Handloom saree is very important. If you know those ample blends, then you can find the authentic Banarasi Handloom saree with ease. From Kanjeevaram to smooth Georgette, you can choose elegant drapes with a sheer touch of fabric.

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  • Purity

    When you are heading to buy a saree, the purity of fabric is the most important aspect. The yarns used in the making process must be of high quality compared to synthetic blends. For an instance, pure zari Banarasi are crafted with authentic silver threads opposing the affordable method of weaving.

  • Finishing

    The finishing of every handwoven silk saree is the most important part. Most handloom fabric outfits are not ready to wear after the making process and need a few more finishings. Check the finishing of the saree before you adorn it because the handmade process can give some irregularities.

Care Instructions

When you buy pure Handloom Banarasi Sarees, then it will be fantastic if you check the care instructions. The maintenance predominantly depends on the weaving process and fabric. Some Banarasi silk sarees need huge care and some of them are ready to wear every day. You can wash cotton Banarasi handloom saree at home and it requires lesser care as compared to pure handloom silk sarees.

Final Words

The quality of cloth increases with the handweaving process and when it comes to Banarasi silk sarees the quality depends on the process. Indian saree art has taken over the entire world with the highest quality sarees. If you love the handloom art of Banarasi, then buying it from Fabpersona will never dissatisfy you. Explore our collection to experience the authentic Banarasi handloom sarees.