Katan Silk Sarees - Celebrate This Navratri in Different Colours!

Katan Silk Sarees - Celebrate This Navratri in Different Colours!

The Navratri season is around the corner. Everyone wants to enjoy this festival with an elegant glance of the glitter to sparkle every day. It’s time to celebrate this festival season with full enthusiasm and joy.

These 9 days of Navratri are celebrated to worship maa Parvati. These 9 days play a crucial role in a woman's life. They wear different colors every day that share a unique message. The auspicious colors, which are representative of numerous avatars of Maa Durga, are one thing that adds attractiveness to this solemn occasion.

Therefore, It’s time to shine every day by wearing different colors of Katan silk sarees. These sarees will surely make your festive days more enlightening and glorious. We have different colors of Katan silk saree that will match all the days of Navratri.

  • Yellow - Goddess Shailputri

    The first day of Navratri is Shail Putri. It devotes the yellow color. The shade is a symbol of joy, and you can dress in a yellow color pure banarasi Katan silk saree with antique zari to enjoy a day full of ecstasies and zeal.

    A vibrant yellow color saree is an excellent choice for kicking off your week with vigor and optimism. The saree can be worn with golden jewelry for Garba nights.

  • Green - Goddess Brahmacharini

    Green is the color that manifests progression in one life. This color denotes the energy of Maa Brahmcharini to achieve the form of Lord Shiva. On the second day of the Navratri, get an elegant look and show your progression to the world. Fabpersona has a special green Katan silk saree that will make you look unique and enjoy the day of progression.

  • Grey - Goddess Chandraghanta

    The color grey is the spiritual period's third-day symbol. It represents the triumph of Armageddon as well as the fortitude of a flawless human. You can commemorate this season by wearing a grey color that spreads positivity in the environment. This magnificent Katan silk saree is an excellent choice for a positive start to the sacred day.

  • Orange - Goddess Kushmanda

    Wearing an orange Katan silk saree for the 4th day of the Navratri season denotes knowledge. The mata kushmanda is believed to be the core of the sun, which glitters through the elegant Katan silk saree from Fabperosna.

  • White - Goddess Skandmata

    The white color represents peace, whereas Devi Skandmata shows her love for the entire universe. You can choose a white color pure banarasi Katan silk saree with an antique zari that shows your devotion towards the 5th incarnation of Mata Parvati.

  • Red - Goddess Katyayani

    When the entire world was under the attack of Mahishasur, then Devi Katyayani defeated the demon. Her anger was denoted as the red color. With this Fabpersona has come up with the perfect red Katan silk saree to help women to take out all the negativity.

  • Royal blue - Goddess Kaalratri

    The 7th day of Navratri denotes the royal blue color. It is the appearance of maa Kali. This color signifies valor and bravery. So, to show bravery within yourself, you can wear this royal blue Katan blue saree.

  • Pink - Goddess Mahagauri

    The 8th day of Navratri signifies the color pink. It is the color of ambition. You can wear a perfect pink Katan silk saree to show how ambitious a woman can be about anything and anywhere. This saree will give you a luxurious appearance to celebrate Navratri.

  • Peacock Green - Goddess Siddhatri

    The last and final day of Navratri brings the fulfillment of all the dreams with the blessings of maa siddhatri. You can go for the peacock green Katan silk saree that would say a final goodbye to all devi's.