Seeping Sustainability Into Timeless Artisanal Ethnic Wear

Seeping Sustainability Into Timeless Artisanal Ethnic Wear

Seeping Sustainability Into Timeless Artisanal Ethnic Wear

Undoubtedly, the need of the hour is for brands to make their approach sustainably thoughtful. It is substantial that we as a community are cautious towards our environment and, as they say, it starts from within, which is why the team at Fabpersona has inculcated sustainable practices at every step. From the making of every apparel to the packaging, we are proud to call ourselves an environmentally friendly brand!

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at what steps do we implement to make our brand sustainable and if this ends up becoming a source of inspiration for anyone of you then there is nothing like it!

  • We only work with local artisans!

    India is home to rich textile history and unmatchable skillset of local artisans who pour their heart into the making of every apparel that is no less than a piece of art. Unfortunately, with the onslaught of fast fashion brands, alot of skilled craftsmen face occupational threats and are not given the due credit which they deserve. But we at Fabpersona make it a point to collaborate with the master craftsmen who create timeless magic through distinctive craft forms. For instance, all of our Banarasi suits and sarees available at our store are handwoven by the artisans from Varanasi. Every apparel is an untold tale of the heritage of Banarasi weaves which ultimately becomes stuff for heirloom in your wardrobe!

  • Promoting Indian Crafts!

    India is home to the most diverse crafts and culture in the world and there is no denying that. It’s high time that we finally start giving the crafts of India the love, respect, and space they deserve in the world of fashion. What makes crafts like Leheriya, Bandhani, Banarasi weaving, Ikkat, Chikkankari, just to name a few is the intricacy that goes into the details. Every making of every ensemble is surely time-consuming but it is worth the wait! Witnessing artisans performing these crafts brings calmness to your senses. What you receive is not just another addition to your wardrobe but a wholesome experience in itself. Every time your drape a handcrafted saree, you’ll surely be able to sense the love which went into the completion of every detail!

  • Limited Stock of Every Design

    We at Fabpersona believe that everyone carries a distinctive personality and in order to celebrate the individuality of each one of you, we create limited pieces of every design you see at our online store. This breaks the stereotype of falling into the trap of trends and adorn something which resonates with your style and personality! When you know that you own something that only a couple of people out there have, the thought of discarding it takes a backseat!

  • Sustainable Packaging

    Like we mentioned earlier, we promote and practice sustainability at every step which is why we have made sure that even our packaging is environmentally friendly. We use packaging material that is not just easily degradable but also reusable. Every small step matters and while the results might not be instantly visible but they are undoubtedly impactful.


Become a part of our family and take a step towards a sustainable lifestyle by opting for products that not only become a timeless legacy in your wardrobe but also keep you guilt-free for not being a part of something that is harmful to the environment!