The Timeless Legacy of Handloom Sarees in India

The Timeless Legacy of Handloom Sarees in India

The Timeless Legacy of Handloom Sarees in India

When Indian women think of any outfit, Saree is the first thing that comes to their mind. Whether it is a simple plain saree or an imperial Handloom saree, their love for this ethnic garb grows manifolds. Women are not just enriching their wardrobe with these vibrant sarees, but they focus on sustainable fashion to promote Indian fashion all over the world.

We all know that this is the time of power loom fabrics, but modern women are now loving pure handloom fabrics due to their classic material and elegant designs. Well, Sarees made with this process deserve a better place in everyone’s heart, and sooner or later Handloom sarees will steal the attention of every woman.

  • A Little History of Handloom Fibre

    Weaving is an ancient art in India which gives millions of options to be in the best look. The history of handloom fabric dates as far back as the Indus valley civilization. Researchers have discovered spindles and whorls in the excavation, which states the entire story of this method. In fact, spinning & weaving technology was known from the Vedic period and it is believed that the technique was more advanced at that time.

    Every village of India has its weaver, who processes the natural fibers and gives them a new shape in the form of different outfits. Among those outfits, Saree is one of the most common ones, and every woman of India loves to adorn it.

  • Types of Sarees Made with Handloom Processes

    With the handmade methods of weaving, the quality of the cloth increases. These unstitched fabrics do not just give elegance to the wearer, but it reflects the real culture of India. Witnessing from ancient times, different types of Sarees are now available for women for an elegant look.

  • Handloom Sarees with Beautiful Banarasi Designs

    Most people believe that Banarasi craft is only associated with silk, but it is completely a myth. Multiple handwoven fabrics like Georgette, Cotton, Kora and many others come into this Banarasi umbrella. Banarasi Handloom Sarees are the mark of dignity, which most Indian women adorn on a special day especially in weddings and traditional festivals.

    Nowadays, every lady in India can be seen in a Banarasi Saree outfit, which shows the popularity of this design. The dainty details and golden zari work on a Banarasi Saree give an amazing look to the wearer when they choose it for a special day.

  • Ethnic Tales on Silk: Chanderi Sarees

    Chanderi Sarees are traditional outfits, which have been in trend for a very long time. Its origin is from a small town named Chanderi, which is now becoming popular globally, and women love to choose it for a quirky glance. The rich motifs and intrinsic patterns narrate the entire story of this outstanding Saree.

    Mostly Chanderi Sarees are available in the Silk variant, on which different coins, peacocks, and floral arts are made on the fabric for a new look. The weavers use warp and weft technology when it comes to creating Chanderi silk Saree. Along with that the Bootis or designs on Chanderi weaved Sarees are woven into the fabric with the use of needles. It takes the hard work and creativity of artisans, who develop an appealing Saree for women to make them sparkle every day.

  • The Beauty of South India: Handloom Kanjivaram Silk Saree

    Sneaked out from a small village of Tamil Nadu, Kanjivaram Sarees are now the most preferred ethnic wear in Indian weddings. The handloom silk saree and appealing borders are woven by the traditional artisans of India, who prepare it using different threads.

    The amalgamation of Kanchipuram silk and Zari threads takes a huge time which gives a different and appealing outfit for Indian ladies. The initial process of the hand looming Kanjivaram saree is performed differently and then mixed together to prepare a totally different ethnic saree.

Final Thoughts

The handweaving technology is the base of Indian fashion, which gave us many different outfits. Nowadays handloom sarees are the paragon of royal elegance, which enhances the charm of the wearer. When buying intrinsic fabric outfits, it is important to understand the yarns and their purity.

The demand for Handloom sarees is increasing as many women want to wear sustainable fabric. If you want to wear something handcrafted and indulge in the joy of ethnic Indian fashion, Fabpersona offers you an ample range of handwoven sarees, which give you a royal look every time.