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Weaved To Perfection

Telling a Tale of Traditions and Elegance

  • The Glorious Vintage Silks from India

    Vibrant colors, rustling silks, glistening accents, intricate tapestry-like motifs - rooted in tradition, dipped in regality – well, these are the rich Banarasi weaves. The ‘Khandaani’ Indian heirlooms preserved for generations, also known to have found mentions in the legendary texts of the Mahabharata, Banarasis represent a hallowed slice of our history - that continues to evolve

    Famed for their luminous textures, magnificent brocades – with engravings-like effect - jewel hues, gorgeous zari highlights – dipped sumptuously in centuries of culture – the Benarasis are unmatched fabrics. Since they were initially crafted only on hand-looms - and truly the rare ones are only those that are hand-woven – they have come to be a mainstay of the Indian handlooms sector. The labour-intensive processes involved in weaving

Our Process

  • A Hallmark of Purity

    Mark Twain once said, “Banaras is older than history, older than tradition”. At Fabpersona, we celebrate the riches of Banarasi artforms with every product that is weaved by skilled artisans and delivered to your doorstep. Adding a touch of timeless elegance through our unique collection where each product is intricately detailed and can be passed on as heirlooms.

    At Fabpersona we cater to all saree lovers and strive everyday to infuse an epiphany of the richness of Indian Craft forms into your wardrobe. When you shop from Fabpersona, what you receive is a virtue of endless charm and finest fabric dedicatedly designed and curated to resonate with the celestial aura of India.

Our Banarasi saree Collection